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Aboveground Entombment

Some families may choose aboveground entombment as an alternative to traditional in-ground burial. At Eastlawn Memorial Park in McDonough, Georgia, we offer families a range of prices and aboveground interment options.

Why Choose Aboveground Entombment?

Aboveground entombment offers families a simple yet dignified alternative to traditional burial. At no greater cost than in-ground burial, aboveground entombment helps families avoid more decisions, such as selection of cemetery space, memorial, or burial vault.

Eastlawn Memorial Park provides families with several mausoleum options.

Our Newest Project: A New Mausoleum

Our new polished granite Mausoleum (architectural rendering above) will mirror our current Mausoleum structure. The two buildings will be connected by an ornate beamed roof, protecting a portion of the buildings from the weather. A total of 484 crypts will be available throughout the 8 levels of the new mausoleum, plus 48 exterior cremation niches to hold an urn. Individual, couch & companion crypts are available.

Reserve your spot today in our new Mausoleum and receive a 10% DISCOUNT.
For more information on this project, or to set an appointment to reserve your space, please call 770.957.8330.

Options for Aboveground Entombment

Family Tombs

A popular choice for peaceful and private aboveground entombment, family tombs are available in a variety of sizes and styles, and can be placed in Eastlawn Memorial Park.

Garden Mausoleums

For those who wish to remain one with nature, the garden mausoleum at Eastlawn Memorial Park is a beautiful remembrance option. Our open-air garden mausoleum features is provides families with an elegant way to celebrate the life of their loved one.

We invite you to come and tour our cemetery at any time. Stop by or schedule your time by calling (770) 957-8330.

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Yes, I'd like to be added to your mailing list to receive information about special events.