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Funeral Services

Whether you’re planning ahead for yourself, or arranging a funeral for a loved one, the funeral service is an important element of a person’s final arrangements. At Eastlawn Memorial Park, we understand the need to create a unique memorial service that captures the life of a loved one.

Whether your loved one has chosen burial or cremation, funeral services provide friends and family with the opportunity to celebrate and honor the lives of those who have left us. This ceremony not only provides closure for friends and family, but also offers the chance to truly reflect on the life of a loved one.

As you work to make a fitting tribute, you may choose some of the following elements:

Traditional Funeral Service

Depending on your loved one’s desires, a funeral service may be a formal or informal ceremony that allow family and friends to gather and honor the memory of his or her life. While individual culture and faith often determines some of the elements of this service, you may also choose to personalize this ceremony.


A visitation provides friends and family with a way to pay their final respects and say goodbye to a loved one. Families who choose to hold a visitation will need to decide if they wish to have an open or closed casket present.

Memorial Service

Whether cremation or burial is chosen as a final rite, a memorial service provides family and friends with a time to join together in the memory of a loved one and celebrate his or her life. During most memorial or tribute services, the casket or urn is not present.

Eastlawn Memorial Park in McDonough, GA

At Eastlawn Memorial Park, we understand that cremation or burial is not an end in itself, but rather just one part of celebration of life. Our dedicated funeral arrangers can help you create a beautiful tribute to the life of your loved one.

Please call (770) 957-8330 to schedule a tour of our state-of-the-art facilities in McDonough, Georgia. Our compassionate staff is available 24/7.

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