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Leaving a Legacy

iStock_000014255227SmallWhat do you want your grandchildren, great-grandchildren and even great-great-grandchildren to know about you? What talent, trait or feature will they inherit from you? Will they know that their love of science, freckles or athletic abilities is something that they may have gotten from you?

Everyone’s life is unique. No one else has had your experiences, your memories, your thoughts and definitely not your personality. It’s a life that should be shared and preserved for generations to come. That’s why it’s important that even after you’re gone, something about you can live on forever. Let us show you how you can create a lasting legacy that can help unite your past with the future.

Reflections on a Life

One of the most important questions to consider is how you want to be remembered. This requires a thoughtful look back on your life, and it may not be something you can answer right away. We’ve put together some tips to help you start thinking about what you want those who come after you to know about you.

Getting Back to Your Roots

While no one lives forever, your heritage remains. Just as each individual life is only a branch on a larger tree, exploring, recording and preserving your family’s story for future generations may be one of the most important gifts you can give.

One way to build and preserve your heritage is to establish a family burial site, which can provide family and friends a permanent place to remember and reflect on the many lives that were lived. Selecting burial property together can maintain family closeness and keep loved ones together. No matter your preference, whether you choose traditional ground burial, mausoleum entombment or placement in a cremation garden or niche, families can be memorialized together forever. And family settings such as these can also be personalized to reflect your life’s passions. Favorite verses can be inscribed in granite and marble on benches, markers and even statuary.

The selection of plants, landscaping and lighting can provide even more ways to express your individuality. And for those desiring the utmost in upholding a family legacy, private family mausoleums can be a timeless reminder of your achievements. No matter how you want to be remembered, you should begin planning today for a lasting tribute that will maintain your legacy and will be cherished and appreciated by generations to come.

Preserving Your Memory

It’s essential that family and friends are able to not only remember your life, but also celebrate it. There are many ways to ensure this can happen, but perhaps the most touching and lasting way is by leaving a personal memento to those you love.

Today is the time to start thinking of the perfect gift that will keep your memory alive in the hearts and minds of family and friends for many years to come.


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